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Online Pharmacies

Burl-Moor-Driben Animal Hospital is an authorized provider of the products and medications we dispense; this means that the manufacturer of these drugs will stand behind their products if there are any problems. We obtain our products directly from the manufacturer or their authorized distributors for use here in our hospital. Many online pharmacies are NOT authorized sellers of the products they dispense. Products sold through over the counter channels are not monitored or regulated by any federal or state agencies. Some of these businesses obtain products by purchasing it from middle men or from overseas. They may store products in an unregulated warehouse or storage facility for an extended period of time, which can render a product ineffective. Some pharmacies even sell counterfeit or expired products. Pharmaceutical manufacturers will not guarantee their products if they are purchased from an unauthorized seller; if any problems develop, the pet owner is "on their own". 

We are here to answer your questions, regardless of where you decide to purchase your pet's medications. Our goal is to provide you with the tools and knowledge to keep your pet healthy. We put a lot of time and energy into researching the products we recommend, and we try to keep our prices fair and competitive. As a small, family owned business, we rely on and greatly appreciate your support!

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From the FDA: How to Buy Medicines Safely from an Online Pharmacy.

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